Winning Is the most crucial for Portugal

Should you were a participant, what would years old think is much more important, to play beautiful football in order to get good outcomes? Obviously, after becoming eliminated by Spain, the whole group of Croatia isn’t satisfied with the outcomes. How is which?

Croatia coach Bet Cacic thought which his team dominated the overall game, but they didn’t win. While Rakitic merely expressed that Portugal almost didn’t do anything after which was promoted. Not just that, many sites, such as, also belittled that Portugal performed conservatively.

For the criticism in the opponent and outdoors world, their coach Fernando Santos responded it was the last. They were fortunate, but they won the overall game dignifiedly. The opponent could criticize they played not oddly enough, however, that wasn’t the players’ problem but their own responsibility as he or she told his gamers that playing superbly or not didn’t matter so a lot. There were only negative and positive. It’s okay so long as Portugal won.

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