Big Shock! Free FIFA 16 Coins Giveaway within Mmobeys

Hello, the dear customers. You will see an exciting exercise happen in 06. We have a few free FIFA 16 Coins to giveaway (PS3/PS4/XBoxOne/XBox360 and so forth). Following is ways to get them.

As you realize, when you buy coins within our site, there will end up being an order number for you personally and that’ll be your lucky order when the last number from it is 6. (It ought to be a successful purchase)
When you discover your order number may be the lucky order, you need to take a screenshot for this and show this to us via Twitter Direct Communications during June first to 10th. (The purchase is useless should you dont show this to us inside the stipulated time)

Just the order can make during June first to June tenth is valid. It’s also valid if anyone have several lucky orders, which means if you display us two fortunate orders, you could possibly get double coins.

Discover: The activity can last 10 days through June 1st in order to June 10th, but the coins can give to the fortunate guys some times latter because we want time to create a statistical, we will get in touch with you through Twitter following the statistic and provide you with the coins.

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