EA is possible to recruit game animators

EA Sports’s      FIFA 16 PS4 Point       series has a good reputation in the US and Europe, which will undoubtedly allow gamers have more new wishes for FIFA 17. From a recent EA  recruitment single opinion, EA is possible to recruit game animators for the “FIFA 17″ story mode. According to the worklist, EA want to recruit cutscenes  personnel for “FIFA 17″ story mode.
Recruitment list wrote: job recruitment, game animation designer. Game designers need to have animated scenes game animation work experience, knows how to  create atmosphere of the scene. It will help you select the appropriate angle lens. You can make people more malleable by the slightest movement. FIFA model  is great in EA Sports, but there are a lot of room for improvement. FIFA Ultimate Team is a great supplement for FIFA mode, after years of development, it  has become the most popular game modes for many game players. But the players are looking forward to add a new model, that is the story mode.

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