WildStar’s appearance was a significant surprise

WildStar is NCSoft’s cartoony MMORPG that lots of believed to be one of many reasons for the large delay in Blade & Soul’s release but was this method worth it?
The supposedly unique game produced by Carbine Studios had a comparatively successful launch, but the hype didn’t last long, and nowadays the overall game cannot be considered a good overly active one. Many had hoped how the F2P conversion would change the tide, but my recent experiences using the game show otherwise.
WildStar’s appearance was a significant surprise as we were dreaming about the arrival of   Buy Blade & Soul gold   along with a Lineage sequel instead but in 2014, a sci-fi themed MMORPG premiered with cartoon-like graphics and a silly combat system. Could this be, that WildStar’s improvement and release greatly impacted the delays for Edge & Soul?
It is highly likely that it’s this that actually happened, but looking back from WildStar’sjourney over almost 2 yrs now, it seems that this particular decision from the publisher has been a mistake. Various social networks for WildStar claim the game’s servers to become low in population as well as players are facing large PvP and PvE queues that may last up to several hours.

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