EA has definitely improved about the time

We are now pleased to see that Pato to Chelsea has become official as a mortgage transfer. As a outcome, we are now expecting EA to maneuver Pato to Chelsea from any moment as they’ve been extremely fast so far using the ongoing    FIFA 16 Coins    Winter Transfers.
There is really a possibility that EA might make the transfer today, but then again EA may not wish to accomplish the work on the weekend. It is obviously a simple task to switch the ball player though, so we know that lots of Chelsea fans out there will hope how the transfer happens within hours.
It is worth directed out that EA has transferred Eder from Samporia in order to Inter, a transfer which was only completed hours back but already Eder Inter cards are about the transfer market right right now.
EA has definitely improved about the time taken for Winter transfers this season compared to FIFA 15, such a long time may it continue within our opinion. Remember that when Pato in order to Chelsea is live – confirmation from EA is going to be seen here from the state FIFA 16 Winter exchanges list.
Above is a taster associated with how Pato’s card will appear like when he is officially available on the market as a Chelsea participant. Below is a examine of his in-game model too which uses his recognized likeness.

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