if you can easliy click/right click throughout the level

The brand new ge looks good, i like generate an income can put an runescape items up for sale by simply exploring it during my invintory in lieu of clicking the “sell” arrow. How ever with the purchase of the +1 is very annoying as while using +10 and +100 options now place you at an awkward 11 and 101 respectivly.

Id also love with the purchase window to add the stats of the item your looking at purchasing since it did before for self-evident reasons.It could be nice if you can easliy click/right click throughout the level/weekness hp bar of the monsters. They enter how greater than you would think and really annoying.

Also i dont know if anyone else has experienced this but i have a rather awkward time viewing the stats/simply clicking headgear within my “worn equipment tab” the way it seems areas for that mouse hover is simply around the super right side of it.I know your busy Jagex but please fix this nonsense rs gold. *75pjijl6

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