the marketplace is flooded on the weekends

Here are a couple quick World of Warcraft Auction House (AH) ideas to remember:

1. Know your market. Use Auctioneer to master what things cost. Scan frequently. Despite the fact that I prefer the tool, I STILL double-check to be sure I’m not buying up what Auctioneer thinks is a deal because some bozo listed an item for a super-high price. Auctioneer May be fooled by enough players over-pricing an item, therefore i am cautious about relying on Auctioneer to ‘buy low, sell high’. Be sure that the ‘Seen X volume of Times’ value in Auctioneer is a lot more than 50 before feeling confident that this price it displays is accurate.

2. Timing is important. Take note of things on your server, like when raids begin. You will have occasions when, by way of example, consumables which can be normally in good supply are nowhere found within the AH, and players need them for the raid (and can pay more). Listing your items for the best can yield a larger price.

3. Don’t sell on weekends. In Up-date, the marketplace is flooded on the weekends, and prices drop.
You will get a greater price by selling your items through the week. (Conversely, weekends are a good time to obtain items to resell later!)

4. Only buy the thing you need. In case you are leveling, avoid purchasing the best weapon and armor upgrades from your AH whenever you ding. By 50 % more levels you may be getting rewards which have been better than what you could buy…and that means you essentially wasted your best wow gold, unless there is a dramatic upgrade available.

5. Avoid posting odd stacks. Either sell in max size stacks, or, group them in sizes that are commonly used. By way of example, Runic Healing Potions take 2 Icethorns to make, and Arctic Fur is frequently utilized in stacks of 8 for crafted items. (Check to analyze this kind of information.) So, listing Arctic Fur in stacks of 8 rather then 20 probably will improve your sales.

6. Pun intended , the Neutral AH. The way Wow cataclysm release realms are setup, the Neutral AH fees are terrible, the selection is terrible, the prices are terrible. The majority of people put it to use so as to move items derived from one of faction completely to another (they have a Horde toon and an Alliance toon, and want to send something in one completely to another…to make sure they list it for their other toon to buy). *98iuh12

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