Could this bug be employed to give players the capability choosing the action

It appears that Magic abilities/spells and Prayer (Curses) cannot be taken on the same action bar.On my Magic combat action bar, I’ve got five different Magic abilities and also Soul Split and protection prayers. However, over time of their time I will be struggling to activate the runescape gold Prayers utilizing their respective keybinds.

The Prayers simply do not activate unless visited, however the Magic abilities work fine. Not really a great feeling while bossing and Dungeoneering, understandably. I haven’t had this challenge previously, even after the NIS update, and it seems to be have occured around Sept/October perhaps because of a concealed update.

The suitable problem definitely seems to be a random alteration of the “action” the keybind is supposed to execute. The default action for any Prayer/Curse needs to be “Activate” however after by using a Magic ability, the keybind attempts to “Use” the Prayer- which of course is useless (but slightly amusing when i’ve always aspired to use Torment or Wrath within the annoying cabbage be the Wise Greybeard…)

Thus far, I’ve been able to replicate the bug 100% of the time in Dungeoneering (inc. Sinkholes) nevertheless it seems to be strike randomly on top world, with Soul Split and Deflect Magic being particularly unusable.

1. Is actually a bug or by design? Some individuals have declared Jagex intended specific “skilling” action bars- undecided only buy runescape gold that.

2. Could this bug be employed to give players the capability choosing the action for every single keybind? As an example, so that you can toggle a keybind’s action between “Drop”, “Bury” or “Use” would be helpful for Prayer training, or should I exploit the bug while I can and “Use” Curses around the Wise Greybeard and just carry on and imagine him shivering in a very fetal position in the corner? 8gjaljo838

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