The simplest way to replay your past game experiences

This i thought I’d been gonna are able to train me some range again and possess a bit of fun in route to 200m, when Fussy McGrumpypants is compared to “no Jagex don’t customize the Rs 07 Gold game I personally don’t like change it out scares me”, i really enjoy seeing Jagex bothered that will put up a poll instead if just a big giant “it’s optional” within the home page and today it’s mostly no.Nobody is taking out the current highscores, nobody is forcing that you retrain stats after you get 99, hell you may also swap back at a bank.

The one halfway legitimate complaint I’ve seen is they don’t want the actual highscores to become shadow. Of course thereunder logic the poll should be about which Highscores is used because the “main” highscores, not in the event the entire idea really should be not added.I swear I don’t understand everybody sometimes ever.The actual fact you didn’t see legitimate complain concerning this doesn’t mean there have been not any.Personally , i would favor when they didn’t introduce that gimmick. Why have a half-assed system to rerun your skilling experience should you could do this well?

The simplest way to replay your past game experiences is always to create an alt. Currently there’s no support whatsoever to maintaining multiple characters. Actually, it can be discouraged to get them as even transfering items between two accounts you keep is forbidden.I would prefer Jagex to implement multi-characters per account support. Which includes making possible and straightforward to trade bewteen barefoot and shoes, to possess runescape accounts-wide membership benefits and have your bank account-wide achievements dislpayed on highscores.

I fear that if prestige passed using a realtor means no such thing could well be created, because “Why should you desire alts? You can do prestige!”It truly amazes me the amount of the individuals of rs hate change. This built to add competition back into the sport. Because we can’t truly compete for the # 1 i’m all over this the high scores since everyone’s already set to their maximum those stats. Rs 07 Gold.Also unlike many of the other controversial stuff put in the game the affect within the other countries in the game is minimal. Seriously even development for this would only be considered a simple job. ##wsxyuie69


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