then visit FF14 Gil situation mode or single brush like fighting skills

Enter the main game interface, select the second item FFXI Gil Suites Hikaru holds an – cloth (battle mode), then find the free base – Suites Hikaru PARTY (group Freedom Battle)Form their own team, choose a single inherited from the predecessor started high grade special role (I selected LV100 Claude), or select a current highest level role, he / she then select from any of the beginning 4 requires leveling role to role preparedness, early game because it is, in fact, only be equipped for the next step characters skills, equipment, do you know the clouds.

The following players asked to settle on occupation, the principle character selection on the first physical attack power 1.half a dozen times Mon ku (monks) or magic attack power 1.5 times the black mage just finished editing select 5 CPU Battle role (in the press box interrogation point random 5 characters can be quickly) from battlefield configuration, press the square button to interchange to Win Battle That pull ki (Challenge Cup), after which inside the bottom five inside battlefield configuration interface of adjustment by ○ MAP is recommended to select the order’s sacred, CPU strength from the weakest (because it’s youth, if you decide to choose ordinary high-grade CPU in a better position than we a huge festival, very difficult to experience), probably the most senior level of buy ffxiv gil choice along with the same role or higher (if you can not choose, then save the PP to travel PP shop unlocked) remember five battlefield need to be configured much like above.

Grade and our first enemy fighting roles flat, as well as the enemy AI is incredibly low, whether or not we streaking could also easily get five enemy.Involving 100 Claude roles as first battle, the enemy will likely be all to the 100, as the other players are our new whiteboard, a huge level difference provides plenty of experience so long as usual careful, satisfied with the role with streaking computer not that hard to handle low difficulty.

After measurement, each battle is settled whiteboard roles are assigned for the 5000 + experience points, five battle down 4 whiteboard from the jump five and up light-hearted.So repeated more than once to experiment with free Battle Groups, whiteboard roles may easily reaches 20 roughly, and play contrary to the computer proceeds grade props, funds are also really kind at an early on stage, then visit FF14 Gil situation mode or single brush like fighting skills , and it’s also very easy. wsxyuhggie8

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